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with other contractors.  Scott learned a great deal and the company enjoyed increasing profits and a reputation for a high standard of workmanship, professional behavior, and fair prices.

Upon attaining his contractor’s license, Scott and a partner founded River City Restoration Inc.. Working hard and smart, the company reflects the pride, integrity and respect that they value in life and business. Scott oversees each project and has the respect of his crew.  For over 5 years, Scott and River City Restoration are known in the industry and community for their professionalism, commitment, and high standards of workmanship.  Long term loyal clients continue to refer new clients and every day presents exciting new opportunities for Scott.

​Scott, his wife Angie and their family live in Sacramento and are active in the local community and numerous charities.  In his spare time, Scott enjoys soccer, wakeboarding, animals, mountain biking and most any outdoor activity including yard work!

Scott’s passion and interest in architecture and building started at a young age.  By high school he was being hired and paid to design and build decks, shelving units and restoration projects at local schools and homes.  He went on to graduate from Sacrameno State University with a degree in Criminal Justice.  His passion for the hands-on construction business continued and led him to accept every challenging project that gave him a chance to learn and stretch his creative problem-solving skills.  

An entrepreneur at heart, Scott began investing in properties needing much tender loving care and turned them into homes that reflected pride-of-ownership.  To enhance his management and business building skills, in 2002 Scott became a partner in a long-established Sacramento construction company. Scott put his leadership skills to work and successfully lead construction crews in high-quality renovation projects, building a consistent and loyal client base, and establishing long-term partnerships

Scott Joseph